Empowering Women Veterans To Return To Civilian Life With Ease

The women veteran transition from military to civilian life surely brings changes in every aspect of life for servicewomen, including their families. As a matter of fact, it is quite an obstacle that covers generations of veterans, which does not seem to get easier over time.

As per studies, women make up 15% of US active-duty troops. Oftentimes, they face unique challenges after they re-enter the home. They seem to struggle to readjust to day-to-day life. Increasing support, reducing isolation, helping women veterans find companionship in the community are incredible ways to ease their transition.

Women veterans are more likely to face particular challenges, from sexual stressors to being single parents. Moreover, they do not always get the assistance they deserve. Since they are resilient, they may not ask for assistance.

While the numbers are rising, women are still a minority group within the military. In the civilian world, women vets are rare indeed. They need a long-lasting support structure and people with a like-minded view.

Challenges in Obtaining Employment

The characteristics of service members, including persistence, conscientiousness, attention to detail, and reliability, are linked to enhanced job performance. Women veterans face a significant period of unemployment during their transition. According to a study, the lack of affordable childcare is the highest need for unemployed veterans. Other factors contributing to unemployment are higher rates of physical & mental health issues fewer chances of having a college degree. Female veterans who have returned to civilian life also deal with the loss of unit cohesion & support structure.

Coping to The Challenges

In response, several organizations have come to the rescue of assisting and supporting women veterans facing difficult transition experiences and other hurdles. At KW Productions, we are keen to provide women veterans with individualized support and resources that empower them to deal with the challenges and pursue promising futures.

We believe that it is imperative to provide an environment where women service members can receive strategic education, empowerment, and access to enhance the chances of leading a stress-free life.

Much more is required for women veterans struggling with the transition. The biggest challenge in creating an environment that supports women veterans transition is to increase awareness of their needs, identify scopes and services that work, and finally close the gaps in services between men and women veterans.

More gender-specific mental health wellness and peer support programs must be introduced for women service members to enter civilian life successfully. KW Productions is proud to help women veterans access employment services, financial counseling, health care, and other aspects of life. Please feel encouraged to visit our website to receive the much-needed support you need to make your transition easier.

Dr. Karen Walker


Personnel Research Psychologist at Department of Justice

Founder of KW Productions



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