What Should you Know About Organizational Health Assessment?

What’s Organizational Health?

In a nutshell, organizational health is a company’s ability to adapt in a world that does not cease to evolve. A healthy organization can function with high-performance workplace culture. These days, the business environment is constantly changing. These days, it is not uncommon for most companies across industries to face difficult circumstances, including lack of talent, reduced customer demands, or high turnover rate. How well you repined to a challenge depends on the ability of your organization to deal with the challenge (organizational health).

What Makes your Organization Healthy?

If your organization is healthy, it means that you prioritize alignment, employee experience, and open communication. Healthy organizations encourage innovation and respond to changes in customer behavior to restore them.

A Focus on Employee Wellbeing

A healthy organization that takes care of its employees demonstrates that concern through a series of policies to support the workforce. When employee wellbeing programs are prioritized by HR teams in an organization, its performance improves. Organizations must prioritize employee wellbeing by expanding benefits that contribute to their overall wellness & mental health. When a company promotes family-friendly policies such as flexible working hours or dependent care, their share prices go up. Organizations with a higher number of female workers that focus on such policies are more likely to experience increased sales.

Transparent Processes

In a healthy organization, workflows are clear and transparent. As a result, employees can better understand how the company gets work done and makes important decisions. In addition, organizational health allows for the opportunity to follow transparent processes and workflows by sharing their structure and offering employee self-service for HR tasks.

Agility: A Fundamental Principle for Measuring Organizational Health

Agility focuses on how quickly you collect information regarding the organization. For example, can you pull up insights at a moment’s notice during conversations with managers and get regular updates to those data points?



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Dr. Karen Walker

Dr. Karen Walker

Personnel Research Psychologist at Department of Justice